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3rd week sales of FAKIN' POP ?

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1 3rd week sales of FAKIN' POP ? on 30.03.08 14:45

can someone please upload the 3rd week sales stats of the album ? I hope it hasn't drop much from the Oricon album chart .

Thanks are appericated .


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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Oricon numbers are available on Tuesday. So far these are his positions in the ranking this week:

Ken Hirai - FAKIN' POP (3rd week)

The album dropped on Tuesday/Wednesday because of the new releases, but i'm glad he got back into the Top 5. Most likely the album will sell between 25k~35k this week.

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Thanks LNany & not bad , I really thought FAKIN' POP's staying power on the chart was bad but I'm surprised it's still lingering in the top10 .

I'm sure it's possible that it will pass platinum status in the 3rd week !

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If it stay like this, maybe fakin' pop can linger in the top 10 too next week ^^

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awesome , the album has attained platinum status already wheeeee

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Wow! Congrats for u Ken, I'll cheer u from far away ^^

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wow dat's cool

omedetou ken-san for the platinum status of Fakin' Pop

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wow that's nice cheers

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堅ちゃん~~、おめでっとう Razz

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