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FM802 "HIRO T'S MORNING JAM" (2008.03.25)

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Another new picture from another radio show.

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HAHAHA Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

what's with the pose Ken ? The same thing happened in the previous post that LNany posted T_T

But at least it's good to see that Ken had a haircut & a shave which he needed BADLY

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haha, that's his radio show pose...

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This one makes him look
I liked the other one a lot more

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Euh....what's wrong with Ken's eyes? He looks creepy being like that!

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Lucas Faith wrote:Euh....what's wrong with Ken's eyes? He looks creepy being like that!

it looked like Ken has saw something or someone that freaked him out

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You're right, bet still...he creeps me out No
Wonder what he saw back then, an animal?

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