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stupid funny movies

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1 stupid funny movies on 08.01.10 10:19

does anyone have any suggestions for stupid-funny movies ex.american pie, college, road trip, euro trip, beer fest. (not those i saw those before). i really really would appreciate any suggestions because i love these types of movies.

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2 Re: stupid funny movies on 08.01.10 17:03


Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Do you know the movie Feast??? There's a lot of crazy stuffs there plus a lot of gore scenes too. Jeee, This is not of my type of movie and I really find this film a very stupid, haha!!! Haven't seen the movies that you mentioned but since you have them listed in your post, I'll take a second thought to watch it. Maybe I would love them as much as you do after I watch those "stupid funny movies" that you mentioned. What ya think!!?? :-)

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3 Re: stupid funny movies on 11.06.10 10:15

I think you should see the Pineapple express. Its really amazing movie and I like it because new kind of humor used in there. Basically movie is like American pie but the story is different. I hope you will like that.

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