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Please name the title of this song

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I've been a fan of Hirai Ken-san since I heard his song back then when I was in Nagano, Japan (Sentimental). My Japanese friend played on his car. Ofcourse, most of us love "Hotomi wo Tojite". but I am wondering and really like this song (actually, sang by an amateur in youtube):

i also have an MP3 song on my computer that i just record it through my mobile phone but not really clear and dont know how to upload it here.

anyways, please tell me what is the title of the song on the link above. I really appreciate it in advance.

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It's "Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kitemo", available on "Fakin' Pop" album and "Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kitemo" single.
One of my favourite too ^^

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