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NINKI Index For Ken's Bar II

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1 NINKI Index For Ken''s Bar II on 22.05.09 16:41

01 120.80 平井堅 - Ken's Bar II
02 69.70 Linkin Park - Songs From The Underground
03 41.80 伊藤由奈 - DREAM
04 29.60 馬場俊英 - BEST 199602997
05 28.70 MEG - BEAUTIFUL
06 19.70 スターダスト☆レビュー - Blue Stardust
07 18.50 Bob Dylan - Together Through Life
08 16.10 アンダーグラフ - この場所に生まれた僕達は いつも何が出来るかを考えている
09 14.30 川村カオリ - K

in case you want to know what this NINKI Index is all about , Oricon polls a random group of 400 people every week before a new single/album's out & they will ask them whether will you buy it or not

so all the time the no.s & positions are not very accurate but it gives a rough gauge on how well/bad a release will fare

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Cool! Thanks for the info minlilin!

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Thank you minlilin for sharing the information! Smile

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