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NEW TOUR "Ken's Bar 2009" (UPDATED 08/07)

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken will go on tour this summer. The tour title is Ken's Bar 2009.

Dates and venues:
【公演日】 2009年07月07日(火)
【会場】 山梨県・河口湖ステラシアター
【開場時間】 17:30
【開演時間】 19:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 H.I.P.

【公演日】 2009年07月10日(金)
【会場】 青森県・青い森アリーナ
【開場時間】 17:30
【開演時間】 19:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 GIP

【公演日】 2009年07月14日(火)
【会場】 北海道・真駒内セキスイハイムアイスアリーナ
【開場時間】 17:30
【開演時間】 19:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 WESS

【公演日】 2009年07月28日(火)
【会場】 千葉県・幕張メッセ イベントホール
【開場時間】 17:30
【開演時間】 19:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 H.I.P.

【公演日】 2009年08月07日(金)
【会場】 石川県・石川県産業展示館3号館
【開場時間】 17:30
【開演時間】 19:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 FOB金沢

【公演日】 2009年08月19日(水)
【会場】 大分県・別府ビーコンプラザ
【開場時間】 17:30
【開演時間】 19:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 キョードー西日本

【公演日】 2009年08月30日(日)
【会場】 兵庫県・国営明石海峡公園 芝生広場
【開場時間】 16:30
【開演時間】 18:00
【公演に関するお問い合わせ】 キョードーチケットセンター

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jia yo! good luck kenchan,im happy for you! and im proud of you, thanks LNany for the info. bounce

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Thank you! =)

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ah it's great that he's going on tour *__*

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken's Bar 2009 started yesterday. Ken covered "Black or White" as a tribute to Michael Jackson, and also a new song entitled "Half of me", based on Ken's Bar II "Intermission" (just as he previously did with "even if").

1st part
* Umi wo Miteita Gogo (Original song: Yumi Arai)
* Omoi ga Kasanaru Sono Mae ni
* Heart of Mine (Original song: Bobby Caldwell)
* Love ~Destiny~ (Original song: Ayumi Hamasaki)
* Stardust (Jazz Standard)
* Hitomi wo Tojite
* Life is...

2nd part
* Because of you (Original song: Ne-Yo)
* Black or White (Original song: Michael Jackson)
* Sake to Namida to Otoko to Onna (Original song: Keisuke Kuwata)
* Love or Lust
* Kimi no Suki na Toko

* Half of me (NEW SONG)

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Thanks for the info LNany!

I love Ken's yukata =)

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I really want to hear black or white cover version~
and also the new song~ hope someone will post it online

RIP MJ~ greatest artist to ever be on this planet!

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I was able to attend the concert in Kawaguchiko!

I was seated to the far right of the stage, but I was reasonably close. Ken was no more than 30 feet away from me, I think. I'd say it was about 75% women, 25% men, as expected.

Ken wore a yukata for the first half of the performance, and then switched to a Fakin' Pop-style outfit. For the encore, he wore a shirt that said "People's Champion" on it or something. When saying his goodbyes, he didn't step onto my side of the stage, so I didn't get a good look.

The evening was nice and warm, though Ken commented that it was too bad we couldn't see the stars that evening, especially since the Tanabata and wish-making festivities was underway (July 7).

The audience became very excited when Ken began singing Black or White. Although to be honest, as probably the only foreigner in the audience and thus understanding English perfectly, Ken's rendition of BoW was too accented to be anything memorable. Sounded weird, but it's the thought that counts and I was impressed anyway. Ken talked about how often he would listen to MJ's cassettes as a kid growing up. "Michael Forever" is what he said in Engrish. Date-wise, it was interesting how this concert fell on the same day as MJ's memorial in the U.S. (July 7), so Ken's tribute will definitely be felt for a long time.

I ended up buying a men's medium size shirt, a pink strap for a friend, and the senbei salty crackers they were selling. They were also selling towel scarves, seat cushions, eco-bags and his CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays.

His new song called Half Of Me (which was composed in the same vain as even if) was also decent, but I'm not sure it'll be as memorable as his previous work.

It was awesome attending the concert! I went alone, but it was still great. Ken's voice definitely sounds genuine even in person, and he definitely comes off as human, particularly when he speaks in between songs and either fumbles on words or loses his train of thought. One of the more memorable moments of the night was when he missed a note on Pop Star while trying to grab the microphone cable in order to move around the stage.

EDIT: Ken's hair did indeed look pretty bad, and I definitely noticed as soon as he stepped onto the stage.

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thanks LNany , the setlist is real solid & omg at a new song Half of me :O

Ken , please go & cut your hair -_-'''

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Thank you for the info breakyourstyle, the concert sounds wonderful!
I wish I can go one day =(

And yes he definitly need to fix his hair =(, I am really not feeling the hair he has now >_>

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Thank you very much breakyourstyle for sharing your beautifull experience at the concert.

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Thanks breakyourstyle for sharing. *is officially jealous*

And yes, been wanting to comment about his hair, since i saw the pic on jpopmusic forum. What's up with the hair Ken? Its SO ugly. Please change it. FAST!!!

But i still LOVE you Ken!!! bounce

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Thanks breakyourstyle to share your experience of ken's concert.

As for ken's new hair style .
At first ,he just want to make some changes ,I think .
But ,this change was definitely fail. And he needs time to fix it .Pls give him some time ,everybody !
When he hair long enoght ,I think he'll cut he's ugly hair .

At that time ,we can see a brand new ken .hahaha !!

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