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Ken's Bar 2 (2009.05.27 RELEASE!)

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Looks like there're 2 different covers for Ken's Bar II after all Very Happy

CD Only :

CD + DVD :

both are awesome , I frankly think that it's the best album covers that Ken has did up to date .

It beats FAKIN' POP for sure lmao

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Thanks minlilin, both covers look GREAT <3`

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So does it mean they have different song list in different covers? That's evil.

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gmail wrote:So does it mean they have different song list in different covers? That's evil.

yeah it looks like it T_T

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HMV Japan posted the tracklist for Ken's Bar II :

1 Open
2 Even If -instrumental-
3 New York States Of Mind
4 Boku Ga Donna Ni Kimi Wo Suki Ka Kimi Ha Shiranai
5 Love Destiny
6 Desperado
7 Moon River
8 Intermission
9 Because Of You
10 Lately
11 Wakare Uta
12 Heart Of Mine
13 Shiroi Koibito Tachi
14 Close
15 Stardust

I guess this should be the finalised tracklist ?

it's weird that CDJapan & YesAsia posted a different tracklist as compared to HMV Japan hmmm

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I don't know whether I should be happy with a release or not. I mean, any release would be better than nothing. The first Ken's Bar didn't really leave an impression on me, and Fakin' Pop was just okay. I was kind of hoping for something that would put Ken in a better light for me.

But, I will still give this release a few listen. Cool

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