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A New Release From Ken ?

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1 A New Release From Ken ? on 27.03.09 6:07

I saw this in another forum with his name on it , not sure if it's reliable or not .

From LiveDoor :

06/** テイラー・スウィフト(日本盤)、ともさかりえ
今春 平井堅、GLAY(Best)、Perfume
年内 エミネム、くるり、ムック、島谷ひとみ(Best)
未定 安室奈美恵

does this mean a new single or something will be out in June ? fingers crossed on that

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2 Re: A New Release From Ken ? on 27.03.09 7:25

I hope so tooo! Would be great around my birthday if it's around june LOLS Very Happy

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3 Re: A New Release From Ken ? on 28.03.09 17:41

I think that the one that they say is this album.

They gathered all songs named "life" ,and made a "new compilation album"
.(I think it's a little bit silly...)

Only 「LIFE is... ~another story~」 .....

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4 Re: A New Release From Ken ? on 29.03.09 11:29

Thanks equillo, Im always excited to all the news and information about our dear Kenchan! hontouni arigatou gozaimasuta

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5 Re: A New Release From Ken ? on 31.03.09 17:19
I found other one.
It's an another concept album /"Songs which let your dream come true"
include [思いがかさなるその前に・・・]

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6 Re: A New Release From Ken ? on 03.04.09 18:51

dammit , I was hoping for a new single/album & not a compilation T_T

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