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1 Ken Hirai fansite on 04.03.09 5:57

Utabaka no Kisu

Aha, at first I put this in the wrong place. ^^; I recently created a fansite for our beloved Kenchan, because seriously, where are they?! I don't think I've found a single Ken fansite that's still actively updated. It makes me so sad. Although I've been making other websites for years, this is my first fansite for a celebrity, so please treat me kindly. Embarassed I'm open to and would appreciate any feedback. Smile

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2 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 04.03.09 9:02

Great fansite Aya, I'm enjoying it so far =)

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3 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 05.03.09 4:43

Thanks! ^_^

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4 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 08.03.09 1:58

I really love the layout of the website. It is so appealing to the eye (I love it!).

And the information is very...informative! Keep up the good work. I will definitely favorite it. Smile

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5 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 09.03.09 8:42

Thanks, Eden! Very Happy

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6 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 09.03.09 15:58


Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Very nice site. Keep it updated always!!!!

desde en Filipinas
Ken Hirai fan mula sa Pilipinas
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7 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 10.03.09 11:58

Haha thanks, I'm working on the next update now ^_^

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8 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 10.03.09 16:18

Your site is really cute!
I like your layout and colors,and your pics of ken !

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9 Re: Ken Hirai fansite on 11.03.09 8:26

Thanks, Equillo! I hope to have a gallery up sometime soon ^_^

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