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17,January........oh! Happy birthday!!!

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Yes, it's a big notice!!
You know what day it is today!!!!!!

Happy birthday KEN!!!!!
We really love you!!

I hope he is spending happy happy birthday today.
I love you cheers king jocolor drunken queen Very Happy

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although its not yet 17th here in Canada, I wish him a happy bday! =)
Have a GREAT one Ken-chan <3`

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Happy birthday KEN 酱!!! Razz

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Happy birthday Ken Hirai! cheers

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Happy Birthday Ken !

omg you're 37 now :O

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Now ,I'm watching at the concert of Christmas of last year(at WOWOW catv).
Celebrating with wine, beer,and more for him.
Sure it is very wonderful. There is his nice interview, too.
I hope you can enjoy that......Could LNany up-loads this broadcasting?

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Happy birthday Kenchan bounce
I also watched the concert at WOWOW.
How wonderful he is !!!!! I really love you, Kenchan pig

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Otanjoubi omedetou, Hirai san.
2009nen ni mo isshoni ganbarimashou!
I'm waiting your next wonderful albums/singles this year..
koko kara ouen shite imasu yo!

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Happy Birthday Ken chan

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