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CHEMISTRY - Face to Face

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1 CHEMISTRY - Face to Face on 25.02.08 11:41

Album: Face to Face
Release Date: 2008.1.30

Track List:
1. -overture-
2. 空の奇跡
3. 君のキス
4. This Night
5. 砂の扉
6. 約束の場所
7. 輝く夜
8. hold on
9. ai no wa
10. Daydream
11. 遠影 feat. John Legend
12. deep inside of you
13. 最期の川
14. ココロとコトバ

CHEMISTRY latest album and I hope people will buy it and enjoy it.

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2 Re: CHEMISTRY - Face to Face on 08.03.08 21:54

I heard one of the members got married just a few days ago... congrats for both the marriage and the album release! Razz

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3 Re: CHEMISTRY - Face to Face on 10.03.08 15:43

Oh, yes. Kawabata Kaname had just married with Miki Takahashi (if I wasn't wrong, she is the one of the girl acted in 'This Night' PV)

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4 Re: CHEMISTRY - Face to Face on 11.03.08 10:08

I went to do some research and it seemed like he
he used to date Hiroko Anzai which i believe is a better looking model..haha

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5 Re: CHEMISTRY - Face to Face on 11.03.08 15:25

Yeah, u bet. Lovely surely has its own (strange)way

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6 Re: CHEMISTRY - Face to Face on 02.04.08 16:32

great latest tracks that they have

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