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"mini"dvd concert of “FAKIN'POP”

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Sony have a "mini" dvd concert for the advertisement .
Of course, I went there today. I saw 40 minutes clips earlier than you. I'm sorry.
This place is a special theater to experience the "Sony's highly advanced electronics technologies". The screen is 200 inches!!!
I saw 「POP STAR」.「君はス・テ・キ♡」.「哀歌(エレジー)」.「瞳をとじて」.「思いがかさなるその前に・・・」.「キャンバス」.「Love Love Love」and「いつか離れる日が来ても」.
Ken was dancing by effort...It was very lovely tongue
I think that "Love Love Love" was the most wonderful. The member of the band and Ken seemed to be very happy.
Is [blu-ray disk]bought someone?The image of Blu-ray disk is really wonderful though I will buy dvd. Crying or Very sad
Imagine,The dripping of his sweat,his beard, and his fingernail,his lips,,,,clearly see everything!!!
And I wanted to become his microphone .... Embarassed

anyway,i can tell you that this dvd must be wonderful!!! Let's wait 7 days more!

of course, inside of the theater could not take picture .
so i did some shot of tv at the entrance hall.
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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Awww, thanks soo much equillo!!!! どもありがとうございました!

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Oh, and the pictures are lovely, thanks again!!! =D

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Oh Sony~
No offense to all those sony lovers, but their products went downhill long time ago.
And may i add, they overprice their products way too much

Well, no more of my ranting of Sony Company. Thanks for the pics and info!

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Thanks for sharing the experience. I'm tore in if i should start my collection of Blu-Ray with this release or not... but the technology is still in an infant stage & BR players' price will drop. Plus i fear i'll miss out other hardware (like the booklet which comes with the 1st DVD).

Yes Chanman, I agree that Sony is overpriced & perhaps overrated; but like Apple, it has a huge fan base. I'm afraid I'm one of those (all the TVs/DVD players & Hi-Fi-es in our house is Sony).

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I saw his dvd on " 200 inch BLUE OCEAN screen"(i don't know about it)of which sony boasted. So it is natural that the image was very beautiful.
Of course blue-ray disc must be better than dvd about everything,right?
But still i want to wait to buy that like you.

Anyway,I want to enjoy his performance in my room singing dancing with him!

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Actually that's a good point: unless the TV scrn size is >50 inch, i don't think one could notice much difference between DVD/BD.

BD certainly has a better Video resolution of 1920x1080, while DVD is 720×480/720×576; but unless you already has the hardware for HD, i don't think i would be too bothered. It's not exactly like going from analog to digital.

I'm more likely to die before DVD format. How silly of me. Do you dis/agree, discuss.

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