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[Rumour] Ken's Heading For Marriage ?

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I got this from a friend & it's just a rumour so please take this with a pinch of salt :

"日本:歌手平井堅疑與男友加州秘密註冊結婚 (03/09/08 )
新聞來源:東方娛樂 2008年9月3日 10:05 來源:網易娛樂 選稿:舒玥

日本藝人甚少承認是同性戀者,同性結婚更是天方夜譚,但最近有日本男歌手密謀於11月,到同性戀可合法結婚 的美國加州秘密註冊,平井堅更成為頭號嫌疑犯。

繼在電視劇《星空奇遇記》飾演領航員蘇奴的GeorgeTakei後,另一位日本男歌手計劃與男友於11月 ,在加州三藩市合法註冊結婚。日本對這位男歌手展開調查,初步鎖定是男歌手A先生,日本傳媒發現A先生與男 友拍拖10年,去年雖然仍未婚,但左手常常戴上訂情戒指,而A先生於11月在日本只有一場演唱會,要來回兩 地舉行婚禮時間絕對綽綽有餘。傳媒向A先生所屬的事務所求證,但事務所否認此事,並指是記者搞 錯。


由於日本傳媒沒有公開該男歌手的名字,故引來坊間多方揣測,傳聞指有同性密友的男歌手平井堅,以及曾公開承 認有要好男友的慎原敬之是最大嫌疑人物。而另一位唱《幽靈公主》主題曲的歌手米良美一,今年11月將舉行一 場演唱會,因此嫌疑亦甚大。其餘圈中疑是同志藝人亦被拉落水,包括織田裕二、久保田利伸、冰川清和成宮寬貴 。

與此同時,新宿二丁目一間酒吧的一名媽媽生爆出驚人消息,指織田裕二正與久保田利伸正過尠半同居生活,至於 是否屬實則仍需進一步求證。"

Basically the article said that ken is going to marry a guy in USA this november hmm

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wow wad a rumour..

^^; well

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woooo......This rumor always appears ,many times.
Therefore, I think that it is a lie.
i don't know chinese but i can understand meaning of 漢字。
......i say it's a rumour.

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
I can't read chinese at all, but I'm pretty sure that's based on some article I read a few days ago. Gendai published this article mentioning that "some famous male Japanese singer" will marry in California with his boyfriend next November.

And yeah, as expected the name of Ken Hirai crossed the mind of many people at japanese boards such as 2ch... but still, the original article didn't mention him, mind you.

Anyway, if we would have to trust the media... didn't he supposedly married Yuji Oda already? I remember reading about that long time ago LOL So, i'm pretty sure this is bullshit too.

Whatever. He can do with his life whatever he wants... but if he decides having a gay marriage he should come to Spain instead of California! hahaha

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Ken Hirai Lover
That article also says Toshinobu Kubota rumoured to be gay. THAT I believe actually.

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I never believed what chinese newspaper says lol

Josuke's My Space
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Isn't Toshinobu Kubota already married a few years ago? I remember reading that he is marrried to a woman.
The newspaper always printed things that are not confirmed. They can say whatever they want with the words 'sources said...' but who are the sources?
On the other hand, being silent on his rumors, Ken is easily subjected to this kind of gossips. At this point, I won't say there is no way he is going to get marry to a man. If he wants to do whatever that makes him happy, then we should be happy for him, right?

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did you people~ canada is actually one of the first countries that accepts Gay marriages... and the popular province to do so is also in british columbia...
maybe ken should come visit my town and get married there, i will for sure attend..LOL

but chinese media makes too much crap..too many reporters need the dough so they make up the stories.

one more side note..if he does he should have it on november bday!

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Wow, what a rumor LOL
But just like Josuke, I do not belive in what Chinese newspapers wrote much (although I am Chinese myself). And just like what chanman said, they make up too much BS most of the time =/. Most of the time they twisted or make up a story to make it sound as interesting as possible, and grab your attention into reading them, in which I belive most of the time the story is fake and not all truths =/.

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This is really a surprising rumor, especially when 2 articles stated that a famous singer will have a gay marriage (though the one is quite vague). Come to think of this matter, what will happen if this is true?

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about this damn shit newspaper?

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Sorry bout it, but it just my personality that makes me hard to be not cared about news like this ^^
I also wonder will this news affect Hirai-san?

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Lucas Faith wrote:Sorry bout it, but it just my personality that makes me hard to be not cared about news like this ^^

I also wonder will this news affect Hirai-san?

frankly I don't know how this will affect him should this be true

guess have to wait for this to be confirmed on whether is it a rumour or not ? I'm going to sit back & see what happens

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Eh, probably another rumor. Rolling Eyes

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i think this is just a rumour.

but ppl. does it really matter if he's gay? what i see is that he is making a commitment to his partner, just like any other marriage between a man and a woman.

congratulations to hirai san if its really going to take place. i love him for his music and for who he is. doesn't matter if he's gay.

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