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Hirai Ken...... Tokyo Heartbreak?

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i don't know how to explain this... but i found ken-chan here..

I need explanation about it!! thank you!

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Well, the description wrote that it's a 1998 drama that Ken Hirai acted in, but I don't really understand the story plot ^^'''

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Well, basically he didn't do much talking there (or not at all): he appeared as a street singer that the lead actress was encountered with. He sung to relieve her worries about love life and eventually she was reunited (or something close) with her boyfriend. Ken's character actually had feelings for her, but just wished her good luck after her whole love business was over.

It was some sort of promotion that his company had set up for him. It was during his career low point so he was in such an arrangement.

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oh.... poor ken-chan..

thanx for the info though!

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I saw this for many times, but I don't know the exact meaning.
Thank you lagmei !!!Thanks for your explanation!! What a Face

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