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Review Of FAKIN' POP From LIME May '08

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LIME Magazine is a monthly issue that's available in my country & in the latest issue they give top dog marks for FAKIN' POP .

Basically for LIME , they rate albums in the form of "Can't Live Without" , "Good Shit" , "Worth A Spin" , "Bargin Bin" & "Use As Frisbee" instead of the standard star ratings & FAKIN' POP is placed in the "Can't Live Without" category Smile

By Sheryl Teo

" J Pop R&B singer/songwriter Ken Hirai returns with his 7th solo album after 2004's successful release SENTIMENTALovers . Including popular pre-released singles such as the infectious track POP STAR & affecting ballad Elegy , this pleasurable album also offers other captivating numbers such as Kimi wa♡ and soulful ballad Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kite mo . This is definitely an album worth the wait for Ken's fans .

Other highlights : Canvas , Pain , Shashin "

Wow to place FAKIN' POP in the "Can't Live Without" category is as good as saying LIME rates it a 5/5 !


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cool !!

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^^ yeah i read it too

ureshii >_< ^^

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