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"Itsuka..." PV already aired on TV *Uploaded*

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goldfinger wrote:Maybe he is really shy in front of so many crew members?
We can see the Making of from Apr 22 at his Sony official website. Hope to see some fun stuff behind the scene.

hmm... I think so since by nature Ken's a shy , timid & sensitive guy . The last 2 traits he personally described himself as during the CNN talkasia interview so yup

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Hmmmm.... I think Ken~chan was great in this PV. I mean, I can feel his happiness during the 1st part if the song,(especially tat card scene, notice how he smile although it was just for a short moment...) and the sorrow at the end. Also, I never saw a PV tat shows the singer singing throughout the whole song, as if he is telling the story through his song. Nice move~Wink

I'm wondering wat's the story behind this PV... Why Rie-san so angry and upset and why they are not together in the end Crying or Very sad

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Me too like the playing-card-scene but it's too short. Actually I like every moment Ken has his smiley face on. His beautiful smile and dimples is really killing me! He should show more smile in his MVs.
I like this MV as well but I saw some Japanese fans messages and they don't like Rie. Maybe jealousy! But personally I like seeing them together. It's really hard to please everyone.

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Personally, I don't like Rie too. I think she is a bit "over........" in the MV. And the chemistry between Ken and Rie isn't good at all (except in some scene)

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Did you see their first encounter on that show 'Our Music'?
Ken seemed so smitten by her. And she didn't come off as 'I am a big star' attitude. I mean she was friendly and fun to talk with Ken. So I got a good impression of her after I watched that interview.
As for their chemistry in the MV, can say she is 'over...' but on the other hand some may say Ken is 'under/wooden...'
I think in some scenes, like the ending raining scene, she seems so enjoy it but Ken is so much in pain. Seems to me their expression is not in sync. But I believe they do this on purpose or by the instruction of the director. Maybe they want to convey the feeling that he is so afraid of losing her whereas she is so much in love, she didn't know the crisis ahead.
I like her crying scene and somehow their height match (Rie who is not in high-heels didn't look too short next to Ken).

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Hmmm.... Let's put it this way... After watching this PV for I-LOSE-COUNT number of times, this is wat I concluded... In my opinion Rie was deeply in luv with Ken but Ken sometimes showed some complex emotion... He seems troubled but din say it to Rie (from the part where they parted their hands and Rie running downhill). I think that's the early days, and Ken is wondering whether they should continue this relationship or not...Well, he did continue. So, sometimes we can see he's happy, sometimes stiffy, coz maybe, MAYBE he got some dark secrets hidden from Rie and felt guilty bout it. Haha Very Happy This is all but my humble opinion. No hard feelings ya Wink

Neway, luv this song very much. Luv it's lyric, music and PV. 平井~さま が 大.好.き Embarassed

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