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Review Of FAKIN' POP From A Wordpress JPop Blog

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here & there , I always go to this blog for JPop reviews that the author (whose name is Lexter) does & I like the way he writes his reviews on a non-biased manner .

Go check & feel free to leave any comments & oh he only review stuff that he personally like so yup .


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hmm.. I bet he's a K fan Very Happy

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flawLezz wrote:hmm.. I bet he's a K fan Very Happy

yeah he's because he mentioned that the inspiration to his blog address's due to K's album

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Man....the review is so hot! I love it!

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The review pretty much hit all the marks. The album track ballads were the typical Ken ballad (emotionally sung and nice arrangement), but were on the boring side. For me, it kind of weighed down the album to be a bit more mellow than how I would have liked it to be.

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