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Hitoto Yo and Ken Hirai voice relation :shock:

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This topic must have been discussed in the old forum (since I'm new here, I'm not quite sure)

When Yo Hitoto's songs are slowed down to 80% of their original speed (or as long as the song's pitch is lowered to 80% of the original), her voice sounds uncannily like that of Hirai's. Hirai's sounds also sound like that of Hitoto when replayed in 125% of their original pitch.

At the first time I read this in wikipedia, I though it was just a kind of joke Shocked
Until I watch this

and try it by myself

it still amazes me until now !! Shocked Shocked Shocked it's the 8th (probably 9th, or 10th) wonders of the world!!! Shocked

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Yes, this had been discussed in old forum ^^
The song was morainaki, right? My memory is a bit hazy.

btw, how can u access youtube? My ISP is still blocking it!

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you can access it by anonymous proxy website Very Happy
such as here
(but remember to uncheck the 'remove script' option otherwise you can't play the video)

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I see, thanx so much!

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Love this one. This alteration of voice is the one that makes me a fan of Hitoto Yo, which i love other than Ken-san. Been trying out the mix myself. Here's the link if you guys are interested.

morai naki remix.mp3 - 4.30MB

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