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F4 Connection ?

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26 Re: F4 Connection ? on 10.04.08 11:42

minlilin wrote:
Maybe he might do something special to celebrate it especially since next month on the 13th , it will be his 13th year in the business , woah!
Really? Wow!!!! It's 13 years already? Time surely goes so fast

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27 Re: F4 Connection ? on 11.04.08 17:53

^^ i love his version of "Lovin' You"

so sweet :p

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28 Re: F4 Connection ? on 12.04.08 2:54

thiris wrote:^^ i love his version of "Lovin' You"

so sweet :p
That's the song that hooked me up. I become in love him so much after hear that song!

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